Privacy Policy

Sugiura Knitting Needle Mfg. Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) promotes privacy protection, by defining its Privacy Policy as follows and creating a privacy protection system, through complete understanding of the importance of Privacy Policy and its engagement by all employees.

Management of privacy

The Company maintains accurate and the latest customer private information, and to prevent illegal access to private information, its loss, damage and leak, it takes necessary measures by maintaining security system, providing management system, and education of staffs, implements safety policy and manages private information strictly.

Purpose of using private information

Private information of customer is kept and used by the Company to enable the Company to communicate with and provide information to the customer as well as to respond to the queries by emails and sending of materials.

Prohibition in disclosing or providing private information to third party

The Company manages the private information of customers properly, and will not disclose any of them, unless in the following cases.

  • In case the customer agrees
  • In order to provide the service required by the customer, the Company assigns the work to a sub-contractor to do it
  • In case the Company re-assigns the work to an affiliated subsidiary
  • In case there is a requirement by law to disclose

In case the customer violates the Company’s policy, notice, or the Company use agreement, and if it is deemed necessary to protect the rights, assets of other customers, third party or the Company.

Private information safety measures

To ensure the accuracy and safety of the private information of a person, the Company takes safety measures in security.

Personal reference

If a customer wishes to refer, revise or delete its own private information, it will be handled only after confirmation of the person.

Legal and restriction observation and review

The Company abides by the laws of Japan and other regulatory related to keeping of private information, and review the appropriateness of the contents of the policy at the same time, while striving to improve it. The contents of the policy can be changed without prior notice. Unless specified otherwise separately, the changes in the Company’s privacy policy will be effective after its uploading in this website.


For inquiries on the handling of private information by the Company, contact:
Sugiura Knitting Needle Mfg. Co., Ltd.
6-16, Hiranomachi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0046, Japan
Tel: 06-6222-4200 Fax: 06-6222-4208

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